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1135 Okie St NE
Washington, DC 20002

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About the Distillery

One Eight Distilling has a very interesting origin for its name.  From Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution providing for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation’s capital, the distillery utilizes the capital for their main practice.  All of the ingredients used to distill their spirits, from grain to glass, come from within Washington, DC.  They seek to continually make connections between people and their spirits, to use locally sourced ingredients, and to pay their own respects to the time-honored traditions of distilling while bringing innovation and love to every bottle.

Co-founders Sandy Wood and Alex Laufer didn’t start out in the distilling industry.  Sandy worked as an attorney, while Alex worked in biotechnology moving from San Francisco to New York and finally to DC.  After Alex created Eatological, his background in production research, lab management and cooking matched with Sandy’s education in the emerging craft distilling industry paired perfectly to create One Eight Distilling.

Distilling sophisticated, handcrafted spirits in small batches helps to set them apart from other distilleries in the area.  Their custom designed stills from Holland and Germany with cutting edge technology gives them an unparalleled degree of precision over the entire distilling process.  One Eight spends most of their time providing customers with one of their classics, Rock Creek Whiskey, Ivy City Gin, and District Made Vodka.  Visit them and see what other new mash bills and spirits they’re experimenting with.