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This weekend is set to be a nightmare for travelers in the D.C. area, especially those traveling on the Metro. There will be construction on the red line at Metro Center, which will cause up to 30 minute delays. Along with some inclement weather, expect heavy traffic between a long holiday weekend, four sports events Saturday and Monday at the Verizon Center. Delays are NOT going to be announced on WMATA’s Trip Planner portion of their website.

The new taxi meter plans have been under heavy controversy over the past months, and finally DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has announced the final plan. The changes include a $3 base charge for passengers, and an additional 25-cent charge for every one-sixth mile after the first one-sixth mile. The maximum fare for any trip starting and ending in the District will be $18.90.

The governors of Maryland and Virginia and the mayor of Washington, D.C., have sent a letter urging federal officials to approve the extension of Metrorail to Dulles International Airport. The plan to extend the Metrorail will have a huge impact on area travelers, both good and bad.

Join Arlington County for the Car-Free Diet Expo on January 29, 2008. Details can be found on CommuterPageBlog.

There are some people discussing plans to build a streetcar system in Northern Virginia, according to Just Barely Inside the Beltway. The solution that this seems to offer, will in fact probably produce larger problems overall, with many residents declaring that the roads are going to be more congested with a streetcar system. Is there a good way to balance the system and develop solutions that make sense?

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