Car Sharing Lanes Get New Surveillance

A recent article in the UK’s Times presents an upcoming technology that will have drivers overseas taking transportation laws just a little more seriously. A new smart-camera called dtect (codename: Cyclops due to its “one-eyed” Caappearance) is set to be put into place next month, with plans to expand over the coming year.

According to the article, the system can detect how many people are in a vehicle, allowing the authorities to fine anyone using a car-sharing lane without a passenger. It works in the dark and can even spot the difference between a real person and a dummy.

An average of about 60% of cars carry only the driver, according to the Department for Transport (DfT), and this rises to as much as 84% on some popular commuter routes. Traffic planners are convinced that car sharing could quickly free road space by cutting the number of vehicles.

If this works in cutting down violators to car-sharing lanes in the UK, it could be a good tool for the US to invest in. It could contribute to car-sharing and more people taking advantage of HOV-restricted lanes. According to the CommuterPageBlog, commuters in the Fredericksburg area are planning to continue to use a HOV lane which means that monitoring will become even more important. A camera such as this would be a cost-effective way for authorities to monitor lane use and abuse.

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