Dulles Rail Undergoes Serious Setbacks

The Washington Post, Washington Times, DC Examiner and other sources have reported on the controversy surrounding the funding and approval of the Dulles Metrorail extension. The solution for the heavily congested Tysons area is being put on hold due to questions of federal funding, doubts of operational costs and ability to build and maintain, and the overall proposed success rate of the project.

The plan, which contributed to countless political debates, public discussions and federal oversight, is as “good as dead” according to the Washington Post. The Federal Transit Administration has decided not to fund its share of the project (about a fifth of the funding), which leaves the state with no choice but to abandon the work.

A barrage of over thirty articles, blogs and videos from the Washington Post surfaced this past week to give us a better view of what is being said now, and what is going to be done. It’s interesting to see how the news has progressed, although I wish the outcome was more positive.

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