Best Birthday Party

There are birthday parties and then there are Birthday Parties — especially when you throw in a limousine! Reston Limousine helped celebrate Jamie’s birthday party recently and she shared the memories:

Everyone was talking about how much fun they were having at my 10th birthday party and suddenly there was a knock at the door. Some people asked “Who is it?” I dashed to the door and slowly twisted the doorknob and we saw a man in a suit. Nobody had a clue who he was except me (he was the limo driver). Then they saw the limo and started screaming. Everyone was so excited and so was I.

We all ran outside and started jumping up and down. We got inside our black limo and we drove away. There was cool lights and black leather seats. We turned on Hot 99.5 and everyone sang along. Addie and Sara were the loudest. My mom took many photos and we were having so much fun!

That wasn’t the end of the fun. We pulled into Dairy Queen. We all got milkshakes and then got into the limo. Once we finished our awesome milkshakes, we had some sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses; it was so good. Everything we did got more exciting.

Finally all of the fun had to come to an end. After surprises, milkshakes, music and sparkling apple cider, we were back at my house. We were disappointed that our fun was done, but they were sleeping over! Everyone had one of the best times in their life and I had one of the best birthday parties of my life!

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