Kristina B puts limo business in over-drive

Reston Limousine President and CEO Kristina Bouweiri is the featured entrepreneur success story on Womenetics, a website that celebrates female leaders in the workplace.

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 websites for women, Womenetics is multi-dimensional media platform that provides women with resources and tools to boost business success. In her interview with Womenetics, Kristina B discusses how she became CEO of the company and how   growing up overseas has helped her in the business world.

Kristina Bouweiri

“Moving every three years taught me to be flexible and adaptable,” she says in the interview. “I attended boarding school in Swaziland, where I was a minority… That experience taught me about inclusiveness — I think my employees   like working for me because I try hard to include everyone as a member of our team,” Kristina says.

Check out the interview for Kristina’s take on social media, her company’s core values and to find out how her large purse saved the day when meeting with a client!

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