Norman Din

I cannot thank you and your driver enough for your help in getting a driver to pick up my daughter during the worst snowstorm in DC history. Without exaggeration, I must have called 20 companies before reaching Erik — who at first didn’t think he could help. But when I told him about my stranded daughter — his compassion and service-oriented character stepped up and he made the call and got us a driver. Then the driver — not only braved the elements and showed up on time — but stayed with my daughter at the airport for 20 minutes trying to get her some help with her semester’s worth of belongings. He actually apologized for having to leave her before she was checked in AND tried to refuse her tip!!!

I am incredibly impressed by your help today, completely delighted with the services and forever grateful for the help you extended to me and my daughter… Thank you all…- Norman Din, Wheels Inc

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