Reston Limousine and The Referral Engine

If you’ve ever seen The Referral Engine at work, it’s a heady experience that can invigorate and inspire. In his followup book to Duct Tape Marketing, author John Jantsch offers “practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers.”

We see the power and synergy of The Referral Engine on a monthly basis at Reston Limousine’s Client Appreciation Luncheons. CEO Kristina Bouweiri and Heidi Kallett, owner of The Dandelion Patch, started hosting the luncheons in 2009 as a way to show appreciation to their clients, and the gesture has paid off tenfold for their businesses.

The Dandelion Patch CEO Heidi Kallett addresses guests and sponsors at the March CAL

At the recent March luncheon at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Tysons,   Celebrations Hospitality CEO David Weinschel was sitting in for   Carolyn Howell, CEO of Fun Company Events and a luncheon sponsor.

His table was populated by staff from an worldwide gas corporation, and as winners of raffle prizes were called out, he happened to notice one woman’s eyes sparkle at the mention of   Reston Limousine’s day trip to New York City.

Later, he stepped out of the dining area and spoke to Sharon Ragland, Kristina’s executive assistant and coordinator of the monthly events.

Minutes later, he returned and told the woman she was the recipient of   a day trip to New York City, courtesy of Reston Limousine. She excitedly told him that her family is from the Big Apple, and that it was perfect timing, as her husband had just passed away a month ago, and she wanted to try to cheer up her daughter with a trip to New York.

“Well, now you can go, thanks to Reston Limousine,” David told her. “Oh no, it wasn’t just Reston Limousine, it was you too,” she said, and asked for his card. It’s a guarantee that he earned her gratitude and an untold number of referrals from a simple and sincere gesture that demonstrated his attention to clients – his own or any others’.

That’s The Referral Engine at work, and we’re proud to be associated with the people who help keep it running!

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