Social Media connects Reston Limousine to customers worldwide

In Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri’s recent presentation on “How to Grow Your Business with Social Media,” she talked about how she first got on social media and used it to connect with old schoolmates around the world.

As the child of parents in the Foreign Service, Kristina was born in Japan and grew up in several different countries, so her network of friends reaches to distant lands. Social media has enabled her to keep in touch with those friends, and to make business connections around the globe.

One friend, John Sheehy, was a middle school classmate in Swaziland in the mid-1970s. After connecting on Facebook, Kristina arranged a limousine for him in Chicago. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

Dear Kristina, thanks very much for organising the limousine service for my girls in Chicago. They loved it. I’ll comment on my daughter’s pictures so you’ll see how thrilled they were. Everything went very smoothly.
All the best, John

Check out our YouTube channel (    for snippets from Kristina’s presentation at The Tower Club in Tysons Corner, including her opening:

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