The hunt is on!

There’s nothing like a good scavenger hunt to help build a team, boost morale and have a jolly good time with friends, coworkers or family.

Let Reston Limousine help you plan your next adventure. Whether you want to scavenge around DC, Loudoun County or beyond — for a corporate event, birthday party or just for fun — our sales representatives can help you organize a scavenger hunt to fit your needs.

You can come up with your own theme or list of items to collect, tasks to do or places to see, or use one of our lists here.

Getting your hunt going is as easy as:

1. Renting some vehicles

2. Dividing your group into teams

3. Giving each team a list of items to collect and pictures to take

4. Setting a finish time and place

5. Racing off with professional drivers at the wheel (they know how to get around town and all the secret side streets and shortcuts), and collecting those items

6. Finishing at the designated time/place and tallying up the points for items collected

7. Reminiscing about your fabulous time on a Reston Limousine scavenger hunt for week, months or years to come!

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