Our driver, Kelvin Simmons, was very professional, and provided my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and myself with the Ultimate Outstanding   Service experience!   He was very patient with my mom…and he dropped us off at convenient stops in D.C. with easy access to the sites we wanted to explore, and was always there when we returned to the street to go to the next site!   He was a total gentleman, always opening the doors to the vehicle, and offering help getting in and out of the vehicle when needed.   Kelvin offers a warm presence assuring us we were in excellent and secure hands.   We trusted him totally because of the confidence he exudes.   Kelvin has a great personality, and his strong desire to serve us, along with his excellent work ethic made us feel like royalty!     Wow!   My sister-in-law, who had never seen D.C., said this D.C. tour was the highlight of her visit (and they were visiting with me from Arkansas for a week and a half!).   And I must agree, and attribute it to not only  the historic sites, but the entire experience provided by Reston Limousine, with the ease and knowledge of getting us to the sites, in style and comfort!   Thank you, Mr. Kelvin Simmons!   And Thank you, Reston Limousine for hiring such an outstanding driver, and gentleman!   Mr. Simmons’ quality work ethic left us with an indelible memory of Washington D.C., and truly reflects positively on your organization.   – Wanda

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