Unforgettable Day Trip

Embark on Adventures, Create Memories, and Revel in Friendship on a Galentine’s Day Trip Extravaganza!

As February unfolds, there’s a day on the calendar that’s all about celebrating the unparalleled bond between girlfriends – Galentine’s Day. Instead of opting for the usual brunch or movie night, why not elevate the festivities with a day trip? Set out on an adventure with your favorite gals; explore new places, create lasting memories, and revel in the joy of female friendship. You can even make life easy by leaving the driving to us with a Reston Limousine SUV, Van Terra, or any other luxury vehicle to accommodate you and your girls! Our professional chauffeurs exemplify the pinnacle of service excellence with a courteous demeanor and a keen attention to detail, ensuring a seamless, sophisticated, and safe experience for all of your day trips. Icing on the cake!



Plan it out.

The first step in planning your Galentine’s Day trip is to choose a destination that resonates with the interests of your group. Whether it’s a charming nearby town, a scenic vineyard, or a cultural hub, the key is to create an experience that caters to the collective interests of you and your friends. Here are a few recommendations:


Charming town outings: If you haven’t before, you must Visit Loudoun. Also, have you ever been out to Annapolis? What about Old Town Alexandria? You can’t go wrong with a day trip to any of these historically scenic locations. Check out the links here:


Scenic Vineyards: We love our vineyards, and Loudoun County is especially blessed. Bluemont Vineyard, 868 Estate Vineyard, and Stone Tower Winery are all excellent selections. Here are some links:


Cultural Expeditions: You could get really creative with this. How about a shopping trip in Georgetown paired with fancy eats? Or maybe you’ve got a group that likes to gamble – luckily there’s the Hollywood Casino at Charlestown Races, a short drive out in West Virginia. And there’s the MGM Casino at National Harbor, right here in DC. Find the links here:


Once you’ve planned out your day trip destination, it’s time to think transportation.

The Journey.

The road trip itself is an integral part of the adventure. This is where Reston Limousine steps in to truly create a one-of-a-kind experience for your girls day out! Create a playlist of your favorite tunes, and we’ll get you connected to our Bluetooth speakers. We’ll provide snacks and drinks for your comfort along the way. The journey becomes a canvas for shared laughter, spontaneous sing-alongs, and the joy of being together on this special occasion.

Returning Home.

As the day comes to an end, taking a moment to reflect on the shared experiences, the laughter, and the unique moments that define your friendship is all you will have on your mind. Our chauffeurs will make sure you are comfortable, safe, and on your way home. All you have to do is revel in the beauty of being surrounded by your amazing friends.



Book Today.

A day trip for Galentine’s Day is a delightful way to break away from the ordinary and create extraordinary memories with your best friends. Reston Limousine will be there to provide world-class transportation so you can focus on celebrating with your friends!

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